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Meticulous Simplicity


We create brands that consider continually changing environments.

o43 Studio was founded in 2016 by art director and designer Stefan Radinger and international photographer and writer, Shantanu Starick. At any given time, o43 Studio is located in several parts of the world. Our practice is based upon creating collaborative partnerships with lateral thinkers from across the globe who are accomplished in strategy, art direction, film, photography, writing and design. To adapt to continually changing environments, we believe brands need fresh, insightful outlooks that originate from global perspectives.

Sometimes, the most important lessons come from unexpected places. For us, the way we work, distil, define and articulate our ideas didn’t only come from our shared interest in helping brands adapt, but in the way we wanted to work. And this philosophy is simply summarised by M. Gustave H. of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

“A Lobby Boy is completely invisible, yet always in sight. 
A Lobby Boy remembers what people hate.
A Lobby Boy anticipates the client’s needs before the
needs are needed. A Lobby Boy, above all, is discreet, to a fault.”


M. Gustave H., Grand Budapest Hotel.

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